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About us

First let me say, I am excited and thrilled about what God is doing at Christ “T”. I am the newly appointed Pastor of Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church of Austin and I would personally like to Welcome you to our new Website!

Christ “T” along with the great Rev. Milton Brunson has a long rich history on the westside of Chicago. From the Sunday services, to the Grammy award winning Thompson Community Singers “Tommies”, to the outreach in the community, biggest brownies troop in Chicago, etc. I am honored, proud and privileged to walk down the path Rev. Brunson created.

                                                                 Opportunity for enhancement of the Austin community, through the                                                                       outreach vision of Christ “T” is tremendous. Our community on the West-side of Chicago has been affected by low unemployment, poverty, gangs, crime and drug addiction. No single initiative can change the situation as a whole; but we believe our church can make a beautiful difference in the community and bring hope to those that seek brighter days. We believe this can happen through our three-pillar system. ACTIVITIES---EDUCATION---COUNSELING….These are the three pillars that we genuinely believe can bring true change and hope to the people of the Austin community.


For the next three months I will highlight a Pillar, let’s begin with ACTIVITIES. Our church houses a full-court gymnasium and children’s play/reading area. Basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, movie nights, chess club, youth groups and etiquette classes are just a few things that we will make accessible to our community. We’ve already started with the children and young adults that are members of our congregation; but we want to expand to the community as a whole.  We want to provide the children in the Austin community with a safe, peaceful place to learn and grow. I am a firm believer that if you give our children and young adults something positive to do, then they won’t have time to get into something negative.


If you are looking for a church home or would just like to visit, our morning service starts at 11:45am every Sunday. We will be in continuous prayer for our community and we ask that you pray that God’s will be done in the Austin community.


God Bless!


Scottie Williams

Senior Pastor

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